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Producer Miriam Gennari, President of MetroMakeover LLC presents StyrofoamMom

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The world’s first ever documentary devoted to the issue of Styrofoam®. Who knows, perhaps we can get to a solution without banning or ignoring the problem.

"The film was very valuable in addressing an important environmental issue and is very well made. I have seen dozens of environmental films over the years and this is one of the best. 5 Stars!” 

Dr. Michael Murtha
Member of Board of Directors, 

Eco-Action Arlington
Arlington County Planning Commission, Energy Commission, Environment Commission

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This variety intervew program focuses on enviromental issues relavant to regional development, sustainable growth and healthy lifestyles. 

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StyrofoamMom Trailer

Newly updated to included more solutions and the latest in policy decission. Request a screening.

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StyrofoamMom 2020 Trailer

New updated StyrofoamMom brings you current on more solutions and policy as it stands today. Request a screening.